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Bring It On!

Posted on: March 31st, 2013 by julianne

Wow!  It’s April, the month of my birthday.  I used to dread this month.  It meant that I was growing older (to me, a fate worse than death!).  And the date that I was born?  Well, that didn’t help either.  April thirteenth.  Thirteen.  Uh, isn’t that the number that they purposely leave off of elevators?  Yeah, I think you can tell that April was not my favorite time of the year.

But all that’s changed since I’ve started working with Experience Drums.  This year, “April’s Child” is feeling blessed and on fire!  Somehow, the work that we’re doing at Ex D has me celebrating life.  Why? I guess if I had to put it into words, the work I do  helps me see new things about the world… and myself.

I have seen the pleasure that Evan and I have brought to schools, music stores and charity events.  I have witnessed community being created right before my eyes.  Adults, kids, parents, players, teachers, and of course…me, April’s Child, all becoming part of one large event, one fantastic moment, one glorious beat!  These moments can’t help but change you.  They certainly have changed me.

I’m done complaining about April thirteenth.  In fact, I’m done complaining, period!  I’ve decided to face the challenges that April and all the other months throw my way.

My new motto is “Bring it on!

When I’m faced with thinking about my age, I’m going to cry out, “Bring it on!”

When I’m faced with an impossible deadline (and knowing Evan, that’s usually the case!), I’ll yell out, “Bring it on!”

When I’m faced with some task that’s out of my comfort zone, I’ll shout out, “Bring it on!”

I really love what I do.  It’s shaping who I am.  Ex D is giving confidence, faith and encouragement to so many people.  It’s giving it to me too!

So, I’m singing a new tune. It’s called Happy Birthday.  When I hear its melody, it makes me want to embrace every God-given moment.  And it reminds me that I am here to help others.  I just hope Evan has some ear protection because on my actual birthday I’ll be beating the drums to my new song and joyfully singing “Bring it on!”  But he won’t mind. Knowing him, he’ll be playing and singing along with it too!

Happy April – really!


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