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One Step Ahead

Posted on: May 1st, 2013 by julianne

Julianne’s Voice! Wow!  I was startled when I saw the Experience Drums website – I was no longer a hyperlink, I was now a feature on the front page! I thought to myself, Now I have my own blog column staring at me! I must say that I felt important, seeing this new twist of fortune and my new image. Being a part of Experience Drums and the music industry has been transformative in some very important ways. It is a non-stop business, always filled with excitement and growth. And keeping up has meant learning a lot about myself and new technology.

In the past, instead of embracing new job duties, I always looked for excuses to put off a project. I often pulled out my hair trying to play catch up with last minute deadlines and found it very hard to get ahead.   Every job I’d ever had always mangled up my time with so many different little jobs that at times, I thought of giving up. Working with Evan, I had to learn a new strategy.

This past month, he asked me if I would mind learning Facebook of all things! The thought of the two of us trying to figure out any more new computer programs was making my heart race. The image of my computer crashing was stuck in my head. Deadlines swarmed me. How was I going to fit Facebook of all things into my schedule? Wasn’t my plate full enough?

Then I remembered how in the past, I was able to de-stress myself by grabbing my priorities by the horns and start any new learning curves now instead of later. I realized that in order to do the best job I could do and be the best help for Evan, I needed to be one step ahead of him and Experience Drums.

I decided that I would embrace Facebook with courage and learn as much as I could. That no matter what happened, I would be able to fix any mistake and find the answers to my questions. So I immediately surfed the web and sought out any Facebook-related information I could find. I was not going to let Facebook get the better of me and become one more tedious deadline I had to focus on.  And at a certain point it occurred to me – this could actually be fun!

Finding a way to relax about taking on a new project means being one step ahead of it. I have found that by practicing this simple strategy, I can relieve my stress and reduce my blood pressure. My outlook on new challenges has changed from dread to a warm welcome.

Here’s to those who welcome workloads with excitement and grace, not with dread and discomfort. Always make time for some fun, and DRUM ON!