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Three Strikes

Posted on: June 1st, 2013 by julianne

Looking at my old beat up computer table is such a glorious reminder of how the magic of Experience Drums can wave its wand over so many lives and create such clarity on life skills through the medium of music. I’ve learned so much working with Evan, and some days I feel like I’m batting a thousand. However, with the launch of the last newsletter there was a moment where I felt like I was at bat, it was a big game, and the umpire had it out for me.

I pride myself on making sure that the newsletter gets out to our readers like clockwork. They hold so much information not only on musicianship, but also on all of Evan’s monthly events with Experience Drums. This month, I couldn’t wait until everyone got a glimpse at what Experience Drums was featuring. I was so trigger-happy to push that button, that when Evan said it was time, I sent it out fast.

As fate would have it, a last minute glitch in my computer sent my morning of May 1st into a panic. At around 9:00 am, I got my first response from one of our readers. I thought, already? This has got to be good news to get a response so fast! To my surprise, this especially loyal reader informed me that a link was possibly broken. A broken newsletter?! I, of all people, would have caught that dreadful mistake. So my stomach started churning with embarrassment and stress. I checked it again and found out that not just one, but three links were broken on my priceless newsletter.

Before I lost my cool, I found myself thinking that no matter what, I was not going to be struck out. I was not going to let my busy boss down, let alone over a hundred of our readers. First, I had to unwind. I picked up my drumsticks and looked at the Experience Drums website for some exercises that I knew would have a calming effect on me. I then shut my door and started banging out a beat on an old table. As I played, I was reminded of my very first drumming attempt, which was easy and fun. Before long, I could feel my mind and spirit being lifted. I began to feel that wave of stress slowly slip away. Every beat I made on my table was another solution in motion. Giving up was not an option!

After about one hour of cuts and nicks on my imaginary drum set, I decided to keep sending out that newsletter until I got it right. I wound up sending out a total of three newsletters that morning. After all, I thought, better to receive it three times than none at all.

As I look back on that morning I can now smile. I was able to see that this little malfunction was just another learning experience and that I was able to use my mind, body and spirit to make it work. Whoever said “three strikes you’re out?!”