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Let the Drums Roll!

Posted on: July 1st, 2013 by julianne

This month I was feeling ready to become more involved with Experience Drums. I had some new ideas that I wanted to share with Evan and I hoped that he would have some time to review them. Well, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Before I had a chance to tell Evan any of my thoughts, I was taken by surprise – a spot on Community Saints Radio was waiting for me. What a fantastic, but weird request.

At first I laughed at his idea – did I actually qualify? As the producer of Community Saints Radio, I devote my time to finding wonderful drummers and organizations who dedicate their talents to helping their communities. Because I am still in my learning phase as a musician, it never crossed my mind that I would be chosen by Evan to tell my story. Rather than argue with Evan or shy away from the opportunity, I accepted the honor with excitement. I wondered what I would say and what questions Evan would ask. All I knew was that I needed to prepare for this interview. Public speaking is not my forte.

Evan had the grace to give me a couple of days to prepare. At first I found myself daydreaming of putting smiles on the faces of people who needed a boost of confidence to pursue their dreams. And then doubt started to creep in. I started to worry about how my cracking voice would sound on air and about how I wanted to change the picture of me that I would show the world on my next newsletter. Oh boy! I tried to buy myself more time so that I could scurry around and search for a photographer, or anyone who had time to take a decent picture of me. And just when I thought I could rest easy for a minute, I got a call from Evan asking me to do my interview the next day. So much for my preparation! I was getting nervous jitters but then it hit me – I had nothing to prepare for!! I would be able to share what it’s like to work with Evan and how I love being the producer of Community Saints Radio.

Evan was so happy to interview me that he called me early. I could not believe how the conversation flowed, it felt comfortable and airy. And I realized what was important – not the sound of my voice or my picture in the newsletter, but that I could be a positive influence on someone.

My hope is that my interview will inspire wonderful drummers and musicians to unite for a cause, to open up the hearts and minds of students by using drumming as a tool to follow their dreams. There is nothing like drumming to soothe the soul. Wanting to make a difference is why I am a part of Experience Drums. I guess I am a Community Saint after all!