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Waiting Train

Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by julianne

A new Experience Drums Resource page is on its way to the website in the coming months and I can barely contain my excitement. The helpful hints submitted by drum teachers will be beneficial to so many drumming enthusiasts, including me, as I am still working my way up the learning curve of drumming.

I had already started this project by taking the initiative to hunt for enthusiastic drum teachers here in Florida. I knew that this would not be easy because school was just getting started and teachers would be preoccupied. So even though I was on the dreaded waiting train, I decided that positivity would override any negative feelings I had that might get in the way of me fulfilling my goal.

I remembered a drummer that I had met at a charity event for a library – a library which at one point in time reluctantly let me utilize their desks for my drum exercises. (Oh how the librarians hated me in the beginning!) The drummer was playing in a band with a group of other quite talented music teachers. I wondered if he remembered me.

I e-mailed him and immediately began impatiently staring at my empty inbox. We all like instant gratification, but sometimes faith in yourself is enough to get you through the ride. After a few of the longest hours I’ve ever had, I finally got a very positive response from my long lost friend. My adrenaline started going.  I started to feel a sense of confidence, excitement, and involvement. I knew that eventually I would hear from others.  

Now the question of when this page would be available on the website was nagging at me. I imagined all of the articles that were going to be coming in for Evan to review and post – we had to have that page up really soon. I had to stop myself from pushing Evan to get this done. I knew that with all he had to prepare for, his time would be crunched and that he would get it all done, even if it took another month. Evan is usually right about these things.

So, more waiting. Some of my drumming exercises were in order. Feeling overwhelmed, I picked up my drum sticks and banged away on my already broken table to blow off some of my pent up steam. That always works, and it set my energies in a positive direction.

Life might get rowdy in the months to come, but little by little Evan and I will make our dreams come true with patience and true unity. Here’s to all good things to come for Experience Drums!