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Judging Drummers by their Covers

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by julianne

Before I began my drumming journey I never really appreciated how beneficial drumming could be in someone’s day-to-day life. To me, a drum set was never more than an instrument used in a rock band. That all changed right after high school.  

There was a little rock club in my neighborhood where all of my friends liked to go to blow off some teenage steam. At the time, a lot of violence was associated with this club because of the kind of aggressive music being played there. I remember my parents begging me not to go because of the type of lethal crowd it might attract. But I identified with this type of music, and much to everyone’s surprise it did not make me a violent person. If anything, its impact was quite the opposite.

After one particular show, I met the drummer of one of the bands. I took it upon myself to ask the question: why so angry and upset with life? His answer was quite strange. He told me to feel the energy in the music and listen for the true message. In other words, look past the lyrics.

When I actually thought about this, I was able to pull apart the music piece by piece. I found that no matter what kind of sound a band has, if you really step back and listen to the message of the music, you can look at it as trying to find the solution to a problem. And that any song of rage can turn a person’s dread into feelings of hope, light and positive energy.

I immediately had to share this viewpoint with my parents, who actually started to understand the meaning behind my new saying, “You can’t judge a drummer by his or her cover.” They might not have agreed with my taste in music, but little by little, my appreciation of all types of music was accepted with a new attitude.

Since high school my taste in music has varied, but my love of drums has always been with me. It has made me a much more open-minded individual,  with a world-wide musical taste.  This has had a major impact on my life and how I see the world today. It’s refreshing to know that before you judge the music, no matter how hard core it might be, just feel the drum beat and let the aggression out. You will be surprised at what the motive of the music is really about.