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My New Addition

Posted on: December 1st, 2013 by julianne

It’s holiday time again, and the upcoming weeks will feel like I have another job in addition to my already crazy schedule. Trying to think of the perfect gift for friends, family and neighbors can take the fun out of the holidays. With some practical thinking, however, I did come up with “one” universal gift that would make the holidays very special for myself and all on my list – a practice pad. It could not be just any practice pad, it had to be one which was unique and would really compliment my style.

Just getting to a music store can be quite a hassle for me so I decided to start my venture to the mall early. When I got there, all I could find was one music store, which seemed to only sell MP3 players, computers and CDs. But I did notice that there were a few instruments hidden in the back of the store. The store was so crowded that looking for someone to help me seemed impossible, but I was determined.

The sales girl that was standing in the back of the store looked stressed, and as I started making my way towards her she started tapping her foot. Her attitude was none other than fear and stress. You can imagine how I felt. It was almost like I might be bothering her if I asked her a question, so I started to tap my foot as well, while smiling at her. She started to smile back and we started to tap together. I noticed that her attitude changed from fear to warm and welcoming. We created a beat together that turned heads in the crowded aisles. I attempted to tell her what I was looking for, but she seemed to know already. I was led into a back room where there were numerous percussion instruments, including drums, cymbals and just about anything else you could think of. I asked her if this store carried any practice pads. She looked at me curiously and asked, “Practice pad? I thought you were a drummer!” I laughed and told her that I just needed something to beat on, and her face dropped as she shook her head.

Disappointed as I was, I still was determined to buy something that would help me complete my mission. I thought long and hard about what I should do, and then the idea came to me. Being the proud owner of a microwave, I had thrown out my old dingy pots and pans a long time ago. Excited, I walked into a department store and purchased a really nice set of the shiniest silver pots and pans I’ve seen in a long time. I knew that I had some old bed sheets so once I got home, I covered a few of the pots with them. I had some crates that were hollow and I painted them in grey.  After drying, I glued the pots onto the crates. As funky as this looked, I must admit that the sounds they made all together were quite unique and I knew that this makeshift drum set would serve its purpose for the time being. My spirits lifted and now I not only had the perfect gift, but also some new cooking ideas for the holidays. My boyfriend was the first to see this, and told me that this was one of the best presents he could possibly get. He showed the neighbors next door and they smiled and said “thank you.” Their windows will now be open.

Here’s to a little creativity for the holidays! It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Happy Holidays and Happy Drumming to all!

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