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Family Peace

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by julianne

For the past few months I’ve hardly been living the dream. My Mom took a bad fall in her bedroom, which landed her at a rehabilitation center for one month.
When she came home to recuperate, I was desperately needed to act as maid,
helper, and whatever else you could think of. Although I was glad to help out,
every spare minute of my time was in demand. Running back and forth from my home to Mom’s left me edgy. It was hard to have any kind of productive schedule and I was missing my spontaneity. I needed a break from all the drama!

When Evan informed me that he was coming to Florida, I got excited. His inspiration and faith would lift us all up and I was shamelessly looking forward to squeezing in some Experience Drums time. At the local library we would be assured to have a steady internet connection with no interruptions from Mom. I had it all planned out. As our conversation continued, Evan dropped the bomb that he was only visiting for three days. He needed to prepare for the VA/DC Annual Day of Percussion event!
Now that my game plan was out the window, I
had to prepare to play musical computers at Mom’s house, using my cell phone’s hot spot as our only connection to the outside world.

Evan arrived late on a Monday afternoon and we greeted each other with love! It was refreshing to actually speak with him in person instead of over our abundance of daily e-mails. On that first evening we sat and talked about family and how important it was to appreciate what we had. As Mom did her best to prepare us dinner, she cracked a smile, and for the first time since her fall she seemed happy and full of life.

The next day was filled with trips to the grocery store and
household chores for Mom. With limited time, we managed to prepare for Evan’s upcoming event by using Mom’s little kitchen table as our work space. To spare Mom and her neighbors a headache, Evan and I decided to bang on our knees to test out his program, which was all about being able to “listen  and hear” your individual rhythm. With so many people giving their advice on how to handle our situation, this release was just what I needed. We laughed as our knees became bruised, and I felt my spirit lift. It beat the blues right out of our systems.

On Evan’s last day in Florida we got a chance to talk about all
of the new ideas which were being incorporated into Experience Drums. My spirits lifted even higher as we discussed new articles, interviews, and a new Community Voices page. We could not have felt any better about our mission of helping others through the medium of music.

What could have been a stressful visit turned into quite a fascinating experience for all of us. In just three days we found not only time for work, but a family peace that we will never forget. Thank you, Evan!

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