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Another Birthday

Posted on: May 1st, 2014 by julianne

Last month my birthday was buried because it was at the same time as Passover. That wonderful Happy Birthday song was turning around in my head along with all the fuss and preparation it took to make Passover a festive time.

The thought of becoming another year older was making me feel washed out and I was hardly in the mood to change dishes and help do all the necessary work. I really felt like I had no purpose. But Evan and his family were coming to visit and Mom and I had to prepare. While we worked, the image of a bass drum came into my mind. Boy did I want to bang it, so in my mind I did. I thought I might be on to something, so I began stomping my cool beats on the floor. Mom asked me why I was so angry. I had to laugh at that one. As we waited for Evan’s arrival, I started to feel a little better.

When my niece and nephew walked into Mom’s house, I barely recognized them. They were so grown up, and I was feeling older by the minute. I looked at them with tears in my eyes as Mom and I prepared the table. I wondered if things would ever be different. There just was no time for family anymore, and I really prayed for change. I watched everyone eating and laughing and I joined in, feeling a contentment I had not felt in a long time. My niece presented me with a handmade birthday card which made me feel like I was more than just the hired help. I was her aunt. My nephew told me about how he was trying to find the proper college. What a feeling it was to be included. For a nice change, Evan and I put work aside and just enjoyed the togetherness.

When I went home, I retreated into my office and looked at my pot and pan drum set. I hummed “It’s Your Birthday” by The Beatles and happily banged away. My imaginary bass drum beat had become a reality.

I decided then that my creation would be a beat to reflect the time we had all shared during these very special days. This memory will stay in my mind as I try my hardest to perfect my beat for submission to Evan. Hopefully next year will be as wonderful as this year was.


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