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Sad To Glad

Posted on: January 26th, 2016 by julianne

This morning I received a most disturbing phone call from my best friend. With anticipation of the approaching New Year, she really was in a bad way, as her holiday wound up being a combination of her losing her job and her lover at the same time. I did not know what to do for her so, I decided to meet her for lunch to help sort out her problems. Blasting some heavy metal, I was ready to rock her problems out for at least one hour of my day.
As my irritation at my own issues started to pump up, I banged out my house cleaning and wrote a couple of e-mails to Evan asking for some speedy responses. I felt angry for her, and really wanted to have a good resourceful day with nobody ruining my mood.
When she pulled up in front of my house, I heard her car radio blasting a soft rock station. As I got into her car, her tears seemed to glow on her face. As we drove away, I tried to change the station, but she stopped me and only made the radio louder. I was really getting quite nervous because her phone call surely convinced me that some angry music should have been in order here. I guess I was mistaken, for as she cried she told me that this music was helping her get her emotions out and like in all of the sad lyrics, not only could she relate, but also was leading to peace and a start to a new beginning in her healing process.
As I thought about what she said, I remembered my own music blasting just before I met her. I was determined to bash out her problems while having a sympathetic ear, and the music of my choice was angry. I was angry that she was so unhappy, and matching music to my mood helped me get the anger out before I met up with her to try to help. I was able to replace it with compassion by the time I was ready to see her. Matching music to mood really makes a difference. It enhances your feelings and helps you release mental as well as physical tension. You can really start a healing process with this method. Ok, so I now understood, and decided we should forget lunch and have coffee at my house instead. As we sat and chatted, I turned on the music of “her” choice. I noticed that her mood was changing from tears to laughter. By the time she left my house, she felt better and I felt better by being able to help her.
Here’s to the New Year, my friend. Only Peace and happiness to come!