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The Girl Behind the Scenes

Posted on: March 1st, 2013 by julianne

I am so grateful that February is  over. Sure, it’s fun being busy. However, the short month of February made communication really difficult. Deadlines got rushed, and every week really counts as we try to provide new content for the site.  It’s a good thing Evan and I have three things going for us: telepathy, emails, and cell phones. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we get things done at Experience Drums, and I think I’ve come up with an answer.  Experience Drums needs a Girl Behind the Scenes.

You see, Evan and I are total opposites.  He is the calm and collected one. And me? I’m the nervous, lovable lunatic! Sometimes it’s kind of funny. Evan will calmly ask me to do the impossible.  And then he’ll calmly tell me that it’s due tomorrow! Thanks Evan for calmly blowing my planned day into an all-day excursion to God-knows-where. 

Eventually the confusion in my head settles and The Girl Behind the Scenes comes to life. I mentioned that Evan is calm. But collected? Honestly, I have to take that back.  He’s as collected as pocket with a hole in it! That’s okay. That’s my job. I take the missing details and help bring the dreams of EX D to life. How? Through phone calls, emails, and by harassing Evan for information that will bring his ideas to others.

A girl behind the scenes is important to any organization. She’s the one who pays attention to the details. She’s the one who pays attention to the deadlines. She sets things up.  And she often breaks things down so that the people in front of the curtain can be the best the can be.

Sometimes I want to step out from behind the scenes. Sometimes I want to be at those events that Evan performs at. I want to see the communities that Ex D is helping instead of just hearing about it. I’ve been thinking about striking a balance between my need to be organized and my desire to trust the systems that are in place. And you know what?  I can trust that the girl behind the scenes put them there!

We all have our strengths. I know that I can keep the trains running behind the scenes. I’m proud of that. But now I realize that I’m really a part of the action. I don’t just make things happen for Evan. I make things happen with him!Hey, I’ve got an idea. This goes out to anyone who feels that they’re only in the background. Never feel that you’re not important. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter if you’re in front of the curtain or behind it. You’re on the stage.  And that’s what counts.

My First Experience

Posted on: January 29th, 2013 by julianne

Has it really been one year since I first entered into the wonderful world of drumming?  Wow, does time fly, especially when you’re having fun!  I’ve done so many things that were never mentioned in my job description that I guess you could call me a “Julianne of all trades”! I knew that working at Experience Drums would teach me new things. Little did I know that participating in my first drum convention would be lead to yet another one of life’s golden training sessions!

In February of 2012, Evan called me up and asked if I would like to come to help him out at a clinic he was giving at the Day of Percussion asponsored by Virginia’s Percussive Arts Society chapter.  I jumped at the chance to get out of town and there I was in March, ready to lend a hnd.  I was supposed to be handing out Evan’s clinic programs and providing him with general assistance.  This seemed simple enough.  However, one thing I can tell you is that when you work with Evan, things often change.  And boy did they!

Daniel Glass, one of the Nation’s up coming clinicians was the big headline artist for the event.  A drumset had been rented and various members of Evan’s PAS Chapter were supposed to be around to set the kit up and get it ready for Daniel to play by Showtime.   To be honest, Evan was supposed to coordinate that with his chapter members.  Did he?  Let’s just say that I got the biggest surprise when I went from rookie to roadie!   I was astonished when Evan handed me an object that resembled a little capital “T”, better known to all of you drummers as a drum key.  He then surprised me a second time by asking if I would like to help in the tuning of Daniel’s drums.  Now, I knew nothing about tuning drums!  And here I was holding this drum key, attempting to get all kinds of drums ready for the main guy!  Luckily, plenty of PAS guys were around to help.  They took the time to show me the tricks of the trade.  We all grabbed a drum and twirled those drum keys!

I can still see myself squatting on the floor, key in hand, struggling with this one “demon” of a drumhead. When Evan introduced me to Daniel.  Oh God, this was not the way I wanted to meet him.  But there I was on the floor, looking up at this fantastic performer.  I was so embarrassed that I wanted to screw myself into that drumhead!  I quickly realized that Daniel could care less which way I was meeting him.  He was as friendly and genuine as could be.

In about an hour, Daniel Glass was on the stage, rocking that auditorium!  Every drum sounded great!  I watched him present his clinic on the evolution of the drumset and I couldn’t help but think that I was watching history in motion.  The audience was speechless.  His performance was incredible.   This was a drum clinic that would be remembered for a long time because of Daniel’s sincerity and passion.

Later on that evening, with my nerves just a distant memory, I had a chance to reflect on what I had learned from my first drum event.  I learned that it took a lot caring people to make an event like the Day of Percussion run smoothly.  The PAS team taught me that. I also learned that great artists can connect with an audience of one hundred or an audience of one.  Daniel taught me that.  Perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that when one is surrounded by a lot of love and patience, even a newbie like me can accomplish amazing things! Thanks PAS guys.  Thanks Daniel.  I wont forget you.  After all, you never forget your first experience.


Kent’s Stay in VA

Posted on: December 20th, 2012 by julianne

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!   Although I’m writing this a little early, I’m already experiencing a blast of enthusiasm as the new year approaches.  In fact, three of my holiday presents arrived early!  I received courage, confidence and friendship from a new friend, musician and drumset clinician, Kent Aberle.

Evan had asked for me to come up to Virginia to help with an Experience Drums small tour that we were sponsoring for Kent.   I came in from Florida, Kent came in from Georgia and we all stayed in the same “hotel” – Evan’s house.  What a scene!

Kent had the luxury of sleeping on the floor in Evan’s basement.   And me?  I took over my nephew’s room.  (Jesse was unceremoniously moved to an air mattress in the family room.)

The next few days were filled with a flurry of activity.  I kept getting pushed out of my comfort zone.  One day I was asked to do manage the free gifts we were giving away and the mailing list. Okay, I like giving out things.   That was a piece of cake!

Another day I was asked to actually perform with Kent and Evan. Now that was trickier.  I had to get coached on how to play a tambourine – one hour before the event – on front of approximately one hundred and fifty kids and teachers! It would be safe to say that my heart was pounding a million beats per minute!  But as the program began, we all got into a groove and I found myself smiling, dancing and actually enjoying the event.

The toughest duty I was asked to perform was to assume the role of the “Camera Girl”.  The night before our last workshop, we found out that our regular photographer wouldn’t be available to snap the promotional shots.  I was shoved into the responsibility of taking the pictures for the event.  I was never really a photographer to begin with.   Now Kent’s camera was put in my hands.  The camera might have been light but boy did it feel heavy – from the weight of worry!

I was nervous that night.  I asked a lot of questions and practiced pushing a lot of buttons.  This could have annoyed even the kindest of saints.  Somehow, through all of my anxiety, Kent kept his composure.  He must have assured me a billion times that this gadget would be in the correct “mode” after I turned it on.  I guess Kent was right because the next day, there I was, feeling empowered by his smile and patience, taking pictures at the event.

After he finished the tour, Kent returned to Georgia, leaving me with all kinds of thoughts.  Good ones.  All the things I learned over the course of a week.  All the things I had accomplished.  I know that they had a lot to do with Kent Aberle.  I’ll never forget his effect on me.  I’ll always remember that inspirational talk that we had on how to believe in oneself.  He taught me to be confident.  He taught me to be strong.  He taught me to be brave in times of fear.  Kent modeled these words for me.  And I was lucky to see it up close and personal.

Kent, if you’re reading this, here’s a message directly from me to you: Thank you for the gifts of strength, courage and inspiration that you gave to me.  I’ll know I’ll use them in the new year!

And here’s a message to all of you who are reading this right now:

May you have a wonderful New Year that brings new inspirational friends into your life.  Trust me. They’re coming. And when you meet them, I promise you this. Every New Year will be more inspiring then the last!


Julianne’s Voice

Posted on: November 15th, 2012 by julianne

Hi, I’m Julianne! As you may have noticed on our Meet The Staff page, I am the Office Manager for ExperienceDrums.com. I’m excited to have the chance to use my own voice to describe my adventures while working with Evan. Being a rebel at heart, I was never allowed to use my own creative voice on any job I ever had.

Talk about a ball of confusion: the creation of this website was wacky. My job as the Office Manager came with a lot of duties. Through these couple of months, Evan and I shared opinions and just struggled to meet our target date of May, and we knew we were running behind. My laptop, Harvey, had to be upgraded to Evan’s system so we could correspond by e-mail. That was rough, too. You would think all computers do the same thing, but Harvey doesn’t—he has a mind of his own! That made it frustrating as hell.

In addition, I had to do a lot of research on drumming. I had to learn how drumming could create peace within your soul as you play on your drum set. You see, I am not a musician, so this took a lot of reading and researching. I had to read about how the mind, body, and spirit can help the music flow through your body as you play on the drum set.

I finally had the opportunity to actually play the drums and see for myself.  Evan told me to just play what you feel and it will be to your fullest potential at this time. Well… I found out that I was not that bad, and my drumming certainly banged out my frustrations and broke down those barriers that held me back from even attempting to hold a drumstick properly. I found out through Evan’s methods that actually banging out those frustrations not only relieved my stress but actually allowed me to play to my fullest potential. My voice came out on that drum set. Evan was definitely showing me the ropes.

I have to admit, however, that my favorite job duty Evan gave to me at this time was researching for the Community Saints section. Every month, Evan will be featuring the beautiful teachers, clinicians, and organizations that use their God-given talents to actually make a difference in the world. They hold clinics, workshops, and concerts for all good and worthy causes to help their communities. I am searching for Community Saints right now, so I’ll be on the lookout.

I know that with mind, body and spirit, the possibilities are endless. ExperienceDrums.com is finally here, a place for you to get started and get that confidence you need to play without fear and to create your own voice on your drum set. Take it from me, the non-drummer. Using mind, body, and spirit will allow you to play to your fullest potential. So go ahead and find out for yourself! Get ready to PLAY!