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Did you know that Evan Pollack writes for the national publication Drumhead? Under the leadership of Jonathan Mover (GTR, Alice Cooper, Fuel, The Tubes, Joe Satriani), Drumhead contains cutting edge articles, interviews and exercises that push the reader toward greater potential on the drumset.

Open up an issue of Drumhead and:

  • Take a look at Evan’s articles on improving life for both student and teacher in his “Lessons on Lessons” column.
  • Check out Kent Aberle writings and get a greater understanding of what really goes on in the working world of musicians in his “Weekend Warrior” column.
  • Turn the pages to see the thought-provoking works of writers and players such as John King, Art Bernstein, Steve Rucker and of course, editor-in-chief Jonathon Mover!

In the November/December 2014 issue, Evan’s “Lesson on Lessons” column features the first of a two-part interview with a young and gifted teacher named Mr. Adam Ashforth. It’s an eye-opener for people who want to teach or who want to understand their own drum teacher a little bit better.

There’s no filler material here. There’s only real articles, real interviews, real exercises (with free audio downloads available) that are written from the contributors’ hearts…to yours.

Look for Drumhead wherever books are sold.

Or feel free to subscribe. For print subscriptions, use this link. http://www.drumheadmag.com/subscribe/subscribe-order-print.html

For digital subscriptions, use this link. http://www.drumheadmag.com/subscribe.html

Larry Rodbell, performer, endorsed clinician, teacher and recording artist, is bringing you another quality program. Larry, along with Remo Drum Heads and Music and Arts of Severna Park, Maryland will be throwing a Drum Tuning Party on Saturday, November 15 between the hours of 12 pm and 4 pm. Bring a drum, purchase any Remo drum head at the store, and Larry will tune that drum up before your very eyes! Plus, he’ll share with you tuning tips that have made him one of the best sounding drummers on the East Coast! Advice, giveaways, 10% off of all percussion accessories! Now that’s what we at Experience Drums call a party!


November 15


Music and Arts of Severna Park Park Plaza 560- B, Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, Maryland


12 pm – 4 pm


Free! Appointments Suggested—Please RSVP (410) 544-1010 To learn more about Larry and his quality work, visit his site at www.rodbelldrums.com


Have you ever wanted to jam with some jazz masters? Well, here’s your chance! Please join Marty Knepp; percussionist, composer, performer and educator, as he hosts the Peace and Groove To You All (PAGTYA) Rhythm Workshop! This interactive program will teach drummers, bassists and keyboard players how to feel more confident as they sit in the driver’s seat of a top-notch jazz ensemble. There will be lots of learning going on at this shindig. But even better, there will be lots of great playing opportunities for all who attend this awesome event!


November 15


Ferndale United Methodist Church
117 Ferndale Road, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061


9 am – 1 pm


$25 at the door/ $20 for pre -ordered tickets

Experience Drums is a proud sponsor of the PAGTYA Rhythm Workshop!

For more information, or if you would like to order tickets, please contact Marty Knepp at martyknepp@mac.com.


Evan of Experience Drums is happy to report that he’s back at Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia! On any given day, you’ll probably catch him helping the percussionists in the school band. You might even see him with his guitar and drumming gear working with a class on a project or two. Either way, Evan promises to share his Glebe experiences, as well as his observations of the other schools he visits, on the Experience Drums, LLC Facebook Page.



DC Drumming Legend George Jones
is Coming to Casa Pollack!

Experience Drums is proud to bring you one of Washington, DC’s finest performers, Mr. George “Jo-Jo” Jones! George’s extensive drumset experience has taught him that supporting others requires a sense of touch and an awareness of volume. Come see him give this lesson on dynamics and tasteful playing. You’ll learn about the sensitivity required to support your fellow musicians in the quietest of settings.

To learn more about George Jones, visit his profile at http://www.thejazznetworkworldwide.com/profile/GeorgeJones


Saturday, April 26


The Home of Evan and Cathy Pollack
5566 15th Street
Arlington, VA 22205


1:30 pm—3:00 pm


$15 per person

For more information, you can reach Evan Pollack by email at: evan@experiencedrums.com or by phone at (703) 241-2570.


Musical Open House

Evan Pollack of Experience Drums is excited to help promote guitarist and bassist Howard Rabach at Howard’s “Musical Open House.” Howard and Evan will do a little playing and host a small jam session for kids. In addition, Howard will explain his teaching style and talk about how he goes about educating children of all ages. If you live in Arlington, Virginia, come on by! There will be jamming, coffee and conversation. What more could anyone want on a Saturday afternoon?


Saturday, October 5


Home of Howard and Jill Rabach
4517 20th Place North, Arlington, VA 22207



To RSVP, please contact Howard Rabach by email: hdr.bassplayer@gmail.com
or by phone: (703) 930–6705. Hope to see you there!


Teachers: this workshop is for you!

Practice Personalities book coverMaster teacher, songwriter, clinician and Dove Award nominee Thornton Cline will be at Music & Arts Center’s Bailey’s Crossroads location demonstrating the concepts from his book Practice Personalities: What’s Your Type? Thornton’s experience in the field of music education has led him to discover nine personality types that students display in the practice room. His workshop will focus on effective teaching strategies that address the needs of each student.

Drummers Jason McGerr (Death Cab for Cutie) and Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) are both interviewed in this book, along with music teachers such as Rebecca Effler Rogers (French horn) and Beth Davis (woodwinds), demonstrating that this book addresses all instruments. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to develop a deeper connection with your students.

For more information about Thornton Cline, please visit his site at www.clinetelmusic.com.


Saturday, October 19


Music & Arts Center, Bailey’s Crossroads
5849 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041









May 2013 Clinics and Workshops

Sunday, May 5

An Experience Drums Masterclass featuring
Dream Cymbals artist Wes Crawford.

Experience Drums Teaching Studio
5566 15th Street North
Arlington, VA 22205
(703) 241–2570
Time: 2–4pm
Cost: $10 per person

Experience Drums is proud to host a Drum Solo Masterclass featuring Dream Cymbals artist Wes Crawford. Wes’s ability to play and solo in different styles has brought him a lot of attention throughout the drumming community. We are thrilled to have him!

Great giveaways courtesy of Wes’s endorsers! And everyone who attends will have the opportunity to purchase autographed copies of his killer music and teaching resources!

Seating is limited so call Experience Drums Studios at (703) 241–2570 to reserve your seat!

This event is sponsored by Dream Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Baltimore Drum Company, ProLogix Percussion, and ExperienceDrums.com.

Friday, May 10

Experience Drums brings Latin Music Program to Georgia!

Cherokee High School
930 Marietta Highway
Canton, GA 30114
(710) 479–4112

Talk to Spanish teacher Jay Huller about attending.

Experience Drums is honored to be back at Cherokee High in Canton, Georgia! Evan Pollack will be teaching over 100 kids throughout the day about Latin culture, Latin music, and Latin percussion.

This event is sponsored by ExperienceDrums.com.

Sunday, May 14

Experience Drums Day in Maryland!

Music & Arts Center
7550 Teague Road
Hanover, MD 21071
(410) 799–0200
Time: 1pm–4pm
Cost: Absolutely free!

Catch the Experience at Experience Drums Day in Maryland!

Meet Experience Drums artists Larry Rodbell, Marty Knepp, and Evan Pollack with two very special guests - classical percussionist extraordinaire Michelle Purdy and Maryland jazz legend Dr. Phil Butts.

Check out the clinics! Pick up the giveaways! Enter the free raffle to win a Zildjian 18” Crash Cymbal and an entire set of Aquarian Drum Heads delivered to your house by Evan Pollack! (Evan is going to tune your kit!)

Plus, Music & Arts Center will be there to offer deals on drum sets and drum accessories! If you’re thinking about buying some new gear, this is the day to do it!

And hey, bring your sticks because you’ll be playing, too!

This event is being sponsored by Music & Arts Center, Vic Firth Sticks, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, Aquarian Drum Heads, and ExperienceDrums.com.

Friday, May 31

Come see Evan Pollack play with the Alice Despard Group!

Iota Club and Café
2832 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 522–8340
Time: 9pm
Cost: $12

The Alice Despard Group joins forces with The Jelly Roll Mortals and San Francisco’s premier indie band The Orange Peels for a great show. All of the bands are friends and fans of each other. Come to the show and become our friend too!!!

April 2013 Clinics and Workshops

Friday, April 19

Glebe Elementary School
1770 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA
Phone: 703-228–6280
Time: To be announced.

Evan will be back again at Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia to put on a music and math program for the kids in Mr. Halttunen’s third grade class. Fractions and music! They go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly, the official lunch of third graders around the world!

This event is open to the public. Just call the school to let them know your coming!

Saturday, April 27

Music and Art Center
Bailey’s Crossroads Location
5849 Leesburg Pike,
Falls Church, Virginia 22041.
(703) 820 – 3610)
Time: 1 pm - 3 pm.

Experience Drums is presenting a “How to Practice Any Instrument” clinic at Music and Arts Center. We will be teaching students practice strategies that get results, no matter what instrument they’re playing. Lots of advice and giveaways are on the agenda for that Saturday!

This event is free to the public! Just call the store and tell them your coming.

Evan Pollack will be visiting more schools during the month of April! Please check ExperienceDrums.com for schedule updates.


Travel, travel and more travel!

In March, Experience Drums had a blast in Georgia at the Atlanta Drum Collective’s grand opening and at Jay Huller’s Beat Out Cancer benefit!!

In April, Ex D will be presenting a program on math and music at Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, VA. We’re also putting on a “How To Practice Any Instrument” Clinic at Music and Arts Center’s Falls Church, Virginia location.

In May, we’re heading south to Georgia again to help kids at Cherokee High School learn about Latin music. And later that month, we’ll be heading north, near Baltimore to set up an Experience Drums Day at a major music retailer.

Thank goodness that the GPS still works!

More Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Georgia dates are just waiting to be confirmed so keep checking our website to see when Ex D is putting on a workshop or clinic in a city near you!

Big news folks!

Experience Drums has been mentioned in the January/February issue of Drumhead magazine on sale now! Kent Aberle writes its regular column, “The Weekend Warrior.” And surprise, surprise—he devoted part of his article to his experiences as a sponsored Experience Drums artist! Kent has been a tremendous supporter of Experience Drums. Thanks, Kent!

Evan's promotional “One Handshake at a Time” tour has had him meeting with band directors, retailers and musicians in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. The tour has been eye-opening for Evan. It’s given him the unique opportunity to take the musical community’s input and brainstorm the next set of Ex D clinics and workshops.

Ex D has begun stepping up and producing more content for the site. The goal was to have four new Educational Resources up each month. We truly hope to keep that promise. So far, a new YouTube clip on “Stick Rebound” has been posted under Body Resources, and Part Two of Evan’s “Reading Music” series is up on our Mind Resource page. (Audio clips will now accompany the Reading Music Series, improving the usefulness of the articles.)

Finally, Experience Drums will be in Georgia for two great events! First, Evan will be doing a clinic on Saturday, March 2 at the grand opening of Atlanta Drum Collective, the drum shop that wants to be your shop, no matter where you live! Join their co-op and they will always have your sticks and heads in stock! Plus, send them your wish list and they will go the extra mile and search for the gear you want! Now that’s what community and service are all about! Check them out at www.facebook.com/ATLDrumCollective.

And Evan will be back in Georgia on March 15 as one of the 25 drum acts for this year’s Beat Out Cancer Program! Jay Huller heads up this great event that raises funds to fight cancer. Superstars, kids and Experience Drums will all be playing at this event where the drumming never stops! Check out Jay’s organization at www.beatoutcancer.com.

Clinics and Workshops

Saturday, March 2

Evan Pollack of Experience Drums will be one of the featured clinicians at the grand opening of:

Atlanta Drum Collective
503 Amsterdam Avenue, N.E.,
Suite B, Atlanta, Georgia
Store number 678-973-0211.)
Time: Noon.

Friday, March 15

Evan will be performing in the “Beat Out Cancer” program, a non-stop drumming charity event sponsored by Jay Huller. The show will be held at:

Cherokee High School
930 Marietta Highway,
Canton, Georgia 30114
For information on the event, go to www.beatoutcancer.com.

Saturday, March 16

Evan is back in Virginia, performing at:

The Barns of Wolf Trap
1635 Trap Road,
Vienna, Virginia 22182

as part of the Bandhouse Gigs tribute to Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders. For information on this event, go to www.bandhousegigs.com.

Check back at ExperienceDrums.com for schedule changes and updates.

Lots of plates spinning in December!

New articles and YouTube clips will hit the site.

Evan will have the privilege of interviewing all-star clinician and author Zoro for a future broadcast on Community Saints Radio!

We’ll be working hard on our Teacher Resource Page, devoted to the education and business needs of the private drum teacher.

And...we’ll be developing our promotional tour and programs that will debut in January. Yes, starting in 2013, Experience Drums will be out there hitting the road, meeting with kids, parents, schools, private teachers, music organizations and retailers to say hi! We want to listen to you and learn how we can help you. Look for pictures of our exploits on the site!

Clinics and Workshops

December 18

Evan Pollack has been invited back to Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, VA to provide a “Learn by Teaching Others” private classroom workshop.

Check back at ExperienceDrums.com for schedule changes and updates!

November is an exciting and busy time here at ExperienceDrums.com!

We’ve just re-launched the site! Our Community Saints Radio Interview with master clinician Kent Aberle is up and running! We’re sending out the first of our monthly newsletters that will provide you with great drumming tips and information about what’s going on inside ExperienceDrums.com. Click here to join our mailing list!

And boy, do we have clinics and workshops lined up! ExperienceDrums will be providing inspiring programs designed to help drummers experience their full potential—both on the kit and in life.

Here are some of the free clinics and workshops we’ve got lined up in November:

Clinics and Workshops

Clinician and Drumhead Columnist Kent Aberle

November 5, 6:45 pm

Master clinician and Drumhead columnist Kent Aberle brings his amazing playing and wisdom to

Music and Arts Center
5849 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA
Phone: 703-820–3610

Brought to you by ExperienceDrums.com in association with Sonor Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Aquarian Drum Heads, Drumhead Magazine, Hendrix Drum Products, Gator Cases and Groove Juice.

Kent Aberle and ExperienceDrums’ Evan Pollack Present a “Listening Leads to Teamwork” Workshop

November 7, 2:00 pm

This drum and percussion workshop is designed to help children improve their listening and communication skills.

Glebe Elementary School
1770 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA
Phone: 703-228–6280

Open to kids from third through fifth grade. Brought to you by ExperienceDrums.com.

Kent Aberle and ExperienceDrums’ Evan Pollack Present the
“R-E-S-P-E-C-T” Workshop

November 8, 10:20 am—11:30 am

This program is geared to help young players truly appreciate the individual sections within a big band context. Open to middle and high school students.

H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program
4100 North Vacation Lane
Arlington, VA
Phone 703-228–6363

Brought to you by ExperienceDrums.com.

The Drum Club—featuring Percussive Arts Society Teachers Matt Halligan, Dave Salisbury, Miles Ryan and ExperienceDrums’ Evan Pollack

November 10, 2:00 pm—4:00 pm

This event will host a number of interactive activities that teach students of all ages the percussion skills that really count! Bring your sticks because you’ll be playing too! Lots of free giveaways!!

Music and Arts Center
2916 Chain Bridge Road
Oakton, VA
Phone: 703-281-0400

Sponsored by the Virginia/DC Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society.

Check back here often to see schedule changes and new events that are coming your way—here at ExperienceDrums.com.