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Delton Davis

Community Saint—
Michael Suess!

Michael Suess is more than a drum circle facilitator. His drumming events and workshops focus on the joy of making music and the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Michael is also an extraordinary artist, craftsman, filmmaker (Drums Across America), and visionary who uses these gifts to encourage peace and wellness throughout the world. Look for our interview with Drumming for Peace’s Michael Suess which will hit our site during the first week of May. You’ll become inspired to create peace and wellness in your community too.

For more information on Michael Suess’s non-profit organization, Drumming for Peace, visit his website at www.drummingforpeace.com.

To learn more about Michael’s film, Drumming Across America, which addresses the benefits of drumming throughout the United States, visit his site www.drumsacrossamerica.org.