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Scott Swimmer

Scott Swimmer of Drumstong.org

What do you do when cancer cruelly sucker punches your kid? We’ll, if your Scott Swimmer, you hit this disease right back with everything you’ve got! Scott started DrumsForCures, Inc., a registered nonprofit charity organization that provides resources for cancer research and support.

Listen to Scott’s story and find out how his global DRUMSTRONG programs are uniting communities and providing education, courage, hope and life to those battling cancer.

DrumsforCures is about to hold its Main Event for 2013 at Misty Meadows Farm in Weddington, North Carolina on May 17, 18 and 19. Drum circles, lessons, performances, kids activities and so much more await you that weekend!

To find out more about the Main Event and other DRUMSTRONG programs, please visit their site at www.drumstrong.org.