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evan pollack



clockI’ve noticed an amazing thing about time. For me, the clock tends to melt away when I’m deeply entranced in creative endeavors. Sitting down to practice on my drum kit and just letting go. Picking up the guitar, playing it and letting the sound carry me away. Teaching a lesson that will affect a student’s life as well as his performance on stage. The watch just stops ticking for me. The moment stretches out and a brief glimpse into another way of life becomes visible.

I wish I could say the clock slows down for me all the time. But I can’t. The second hand seems to speed up when I think of my imperfections. The consequences from a poor decision I made yesterday. The lick I blew in practice. My desperate craving for validation from others. It’s during these moments that the ticking of the clock gets louder and the moments in this reality are a blur of confusion and panic.

How can one minute be so different from another? I think it depends on what you’re focusing on. If you constantly think about how you look to others, that timepiece on the wall is going to spin faster than a racecar at the Indianapolis Speedway. The desire for fame, status and personal gain at the expense of your integrity will surely make the clock your enemy. You’ll never have enough time to fulfill the things in life that shine so brightly but burn out so quickly. However, if you focus on life of thankfulness, kindness to yourself and service to others, the clock will become a symbol of good times.

Listen, as drummers, we are sensitive to time. Allow time to be a tool for you. Let it remind you that the space between one minute and the next is an opportunity—an opportunity of blessing for yourself and for the lives of others.

—Evan Polack