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Hanna Ford

Community Saint—
Eddie Tuduri

On September 6, 1997, Eddie Tuduri’s life was forever changed. Surfing his last wave of the day, he was pulled under by the current and slammed into the Pacific Ocean floor, breaking his neck. His road to recovery altered the direction of his life, and led him to become the founder of an incredible non-profit organization called The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP).

TRAP uses percussion instruments to teach people with intellectual and developmental challenges. Educational concepts such as reading, writing and arithmetic are taught using the senses of sight, sound and touch. The Rhythmic Arts Project also has a broader, intangible goal. In the words of Eddie Tuduri, “Inclusion is the aim for all of us in this population. People with intellectual challenges want the same things that we do. They want to be loved. They want to feel needed. And they want to be part of the community.”

Listen to Eddie’s transformational story and see how your life might also be forever changed.

For more information about Eddie Tuduri and The Rhythmic Arts Project, please visit their site at www.traponline.org.