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evan pollack

What We Do

ExperienceDrums provides resources that will integrate your Mind, Body and Spirit so you can express yourself more fully on the drumset.

Our articles, videos, interviews, clinics and workshops will cover such topics as:

  • Understanding and expressing oneself using the language of music
  • Utilizing problem solving strategies
  • Achieving free motion for all your limbs
  • Developing great listening skills
  • Creating goals that take you where you want to go
  • Practicing techniques that lead to more enjoyable learning experiences
  • Dealing with performance anxiety

We will also be interviewing Community Saints— performers, teachers and music organizations that use their drumming talent, time and resources to inspire the lives of others.

Self-Expression. Problem Solving. Freedom. Listening Skills. Goal Setting. Community Service.

We’re hoping you will notice that ExperienceDrums wants to do more than just teach people how to play the drumset.

We want to use the medium of music to teach people about life.

We at ExperienceDrums.com want you to know that this is your site too! Email us at evan@experiencedrums.com to let us know how we’ve helped you and how we can serve you better!

Enjoy your experience here at ExperienceDrums.com!