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evan pollack

Evan Pollack

Evan Pollack, the founder of ExperiencDrums.com, has been teaching drumset lessons and school percussion since 1989.

“I feel that teaching is one of the reasons why I’ve been put on the planet. I love sharing information with people from all walks of life. I think that next to loving God and my family, teaching is what I’m most passionate about.”

He has also been serving as the Vice President of the Virginia/Washington DC Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society since 2004. He’s out there shaking hands with band directors, drum teachers and retailers to fulfill a mission: to create a strong resource-filled drumming community.

Evan is also an active clinician in the Washington, DC area, who has done a variety of programs for Guitar Center, Music and Arts Center and the Percussive Arts Society.

As a performer, Evan has played with many singer-songwriters on the DC scene. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he’s enjoyed working with Alice Despard (“The most spiritual musician I’ve ever met!”), The Crowd Scene (“The band with the catchiest songs I’ve ever worked on!”), Mark Doyon (“The smartest lyricist I’ve ever known!”) and Eric Brace from Last Train Home (“The easiest guy to sit in with thanks to his leadership!”)

Recently, Evan has been accepted as a member of the Vic Firth Education Team.

“Man, I’m thrilled that Vic Firth has given me this opportunity! I’m looking forward to doing clinics with the sticks that have helped me perfect my playing.”

Evan wants you to know one more thing:

“ExperienceDrums.com is for every drummer who has ever wanted to feel music pouring out of their hearts and into the drum kit! I truly hope that you all Experience Drums, Experience Music, Experience Life!”

You can reach Evan Pollack by emailing him at evan@experiencedrums.com.


Julianne Stewart

Julianne Stewart was born with two great talents that work well in the music business—great organizational skills and a desire to get things done.  That’s why she’s the VicePresident of Marketing for ExperienceDrums.com.

Julianne will be the first voice you hear if you call with a question about the site.  She’s involved with promoting the site to music organizations, teachers and drumming enthusiasts from all over the world.  She also handles all bookings for ExperienceDrums clinics and workshops.

If Julianne had to pick her favorite part of her job. it would be working as the Producer for our Community Saints Radio Interviews. She researches and finds the drumming professionals and music organizations that put their time and energy into making the world a better place. 

“I really believe in those that we choose for the site. They service their communities to give inspiration and hope.”

You will definitely get to know Julianne, especially if you follow her blog, Julianne’s Voice!

For more information about the site and bookings, please feel free to email Julianne at julianne@experiencedrums.com.