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Hanna Ford

Community Saint—
Zoro the Drummer

His trademark hat and smile can be seen in every drum magazine out there!

His powerful work with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, New Edition, and Phillip Bailey (Earth, Wind and Fire) has made him an in-demand performer, studio musician and clinician. His best-selling Commandments series of R&B drumming books has affirmed his place as one of the leading authorities on the subject. And his new book, The Big Gig, written to merge goals for success with spiritual achievement, is making him well known outside the drumming world as well! This is one committed man.

But what is Zoro committed to? What drives him to give nothing but the best of himself to others? And why did he start Zoro International Ministries (ZIM), a ministry dedicated to helping young people understand their purpose here on earth?

Find out in this month’s Community Saints interview with none other than “The Minister of Groove” —Zoro!

To learn more about Zoro, visit his site at www.zorothedrummer.com.

To learn more about Zoro International Ministries, visit www.zoroministries.org.